Night Walk


Publisher: Friends of Photography, USA. 1988.
Preface by David Featherstone. Text by Jerome Tarshis.
44 Photographs
First edition. 9¼ x 9½ inches. Soft cover.
English. Good condition. Extremely limited availability.

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With his night photographs, Michael Kenna enables us to see through the darkness to gain a sense of a world which cannot be seen with daytime vision… His images play with the psychology of the night, with the fears and mysteries of darkness that lead us to shelter and light in the safety of our homes… Kenna’s photographs explore familiar as well as unknown locations and transform them into places of intrigue.

David Featherstone

As a boy, Kenna found it relatively easy to let his imagination play in the woods and fields. As a mature artist he has been able to send his imagination out to play even in the shadow of a cotton mill or the steam of a nuclear power station.

When he photographs he prefers to be alone, free to walk and make pictures night and day. In conversation, he says it is not entirely clear whether he travels to make pictures, or makes pictures as an excuse to travel.

Whatever historical truth may underlie the places he photographs, Kenna himself is still walking in the Edenic woods and fields of his boyhood.

Jerome Tarshis


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